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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Google 'Em Out. Darn Funny Road Signs.

Today is gonna be my second last day as an intern in Motorola. Ironically, I am so darn free and I have ample of time to do my own things unlike other interns who are just too busy to IM with me. LOL. I think I am going to write a thank you message to my supervisor for being so kind to me. Hahaha. And no, end of internship doesn't mean that I will be leaving this place soon. I will remain in the same plant but only to say not the same cubicle, sick-god-awful-slow desktop (I wonder how old is she now), different supervisor, and of course I have new colleagues. Speaking of the desktop, I am very pek chek having her here now. She is very slow, not-so smart (numerous times I have to click on the icon), belongs to the 45915th generation, and apparently she's getting chronic over time. The Microsoft Outlook doesn't seem to work efficiently like it used to be after the Motorola Asia Supplier Conference thingy and to make things worse is I need to restart my PC about 3 times per day. Shoot! This is unbelieveable! Never mind, be patient. Another 1 day left. Fuh!

On separate occasion, I was too bored. I re-positioned my monitor, played with the mouse, prank calling my friends (actually was calling to ask some stupid questions), cleaned the dusty table, Facebook-ing, but nothing seem to ease my boredom. Argh....I am supposed to kill time with my final project on benefits of e-procurement but I could not seem to find Mr. Mood. He turned me down each time I open Microsoft Word to start writing. Okay....so I start googling for images with keywords "funny signs on the road". LOL. And they are hilarious. Hitler would have bombed this if he sees 'em. For him, this is just a junk.

Thank God this sign is not found in Malaysia or else all dogs will be choked to death

LOL.....What can I say more....more LOL LOL LOL

You know what happen when the car turns right, aye?

Don't worry. We will redirect you to the other road! If the road did not appear in 3 secs, please 'click' on the trigger

If KL has the exact sign like this, I'd rather see my GPS

Jay-Z: Which route to take, honey?
Beyonce: To the left, to the left

Roadside whore? The road seems so empty. Do they manage to get customers here?

Oh....if I were to spot that, I'll gladly swing my hand with stone straight to the sign. LOL

That's all for today. It's now my time to sleep in the ladies again. Chaoz.


Weird Dan said...

OMG u're in motolala.. haha.. KNow anyone called Hugo there? LOL

Cynthia Kim said...

OMG! Hugo? The engineer? Yeah of course. He was from MMU rite?

Clinton Hurlburt said...

Man, the dog in the first picture was like: "This is my battle cry, people!". LOL! It's really cute. Its spots reminded me of "Milo", The Mask's dog. Hehe! I used to watch that movie when I was young, you know.

Retta Langevin said...

I can’t help but laugh while reading those signs. Humor is present in each signboard! It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with your friends. If you come across such funny road signs, you’ll definitely laugh on your seat! :D

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