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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cut already? Sudah potong?

Yes!!!! I knew it. I knew this day would come.I knew I will be damn right this time. And it's happening already. Hooray!!!!!! I won missed winning the Magnum 4D jackpot because I didn't buy this date, 10th November, 1011. Why this is an auspicious number to me? It caught my attention when I was reading daily news from The Star Online when the title screamed "Parliament: Reviewing SKMM 'potong' ad".I knew this some-labelled-offensive advertisement will be a prolonged public dispute or a furore in our conservative society. And, heh, of course, a minor group of people will take advantage of this controversy to gain political mileage.

Bother me do not for being a little dramatic up there but if you haven't know already, P1 WiMax is fiercely advertising their wireless broadband network with the seductive "Potong" theme bearing "Cut the wires, cut the charges, cut the lag" tagline. To target different market segments, the ad comes in three main languages, i.e. BM, English, Chinese to tap every single market possible. Here is the some rough recap of the ad:
See link here:

To the others, the ad emphasizing on the word 'potong' might be perceived as a mockery to their religion. Personally, I do not take anything personally about this ad. So what? This is called marketing although many may not agree with me. Despite the controversial advertisement, P1 WiMax doesn't seem to be able to retain their unsatisfied customers. As you can see, janganpotong is obviously feeling frustrated and feeling deceived with the service he gets. Ironically, EricleeZhaii doesn't seem to feel the impact at all!!! I presume he is staying in suburban area, kot. Less people, less demand, less traffic contribute to high speed ma.

Until recently, TMnet, our monopoly telecommunication company beh tahan with P1 WiMax fierce competition and made a nice comeback to counter the rival attack.

The attack sounds like this. A mother asking her son "Why cut? Cut liao so slow. Cut your head la". Haha. Funny but the hidden message is "Why P1 WiMax? Streamyx is such a lovely girl. She's good, fast, loyal and some says she is cheap. She will never fail to satisfy your needs all the time but if you CUT her now, you will regret it". So how?
Aiyo, you are the user you decide lar! Potong here, potong there, anything also can potong. And I also want Potong. But this Potong. Nyam...nyam...long time didn't eat this.


Weird Dan said...

Yup, I heard from the radio myself. Superb funny potonging going on. LOL

Cynthia Kim said...

Hahaha. But the potong thingy move me any inch to potong to p1. Haha

Mr.J said...

donno which service is ok right now. huuhu . brother u cut oledi?


Tony Wan said...

A misleading advertisement....

Streamyx is still the best in Malaysia la....despite of their sucky customer service :D

samantha wong said...


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