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Friday, November 6, 2009

Lady GaGa or Scary GaGa?

I was browsing through the net as usual and something really odd caught my attention. My jaw dropped, my eyes were wide-opened and I need to . Apparently, the 23-year old Paparazzi's singer shocked the world with her weird fashion style. Despite her special talent and amazing voice, her fashion sense has been sending chills down everyone's spines. Better yet, someone should give her a Red Carpet fashion award instead of Grammy.


This D&G lacey see-through dress is supposed to be seen in the bedroom. Plus the temperature in London right now is not so favourable.

Oh no! Someone please bring her a bathrobe and careful of those multiple sharp spikes coz they might poke your eyes.

Goose pimples, goose pimples and more goose pimples. Thank goodness this is not Pakistan. People may think that she has disfigured face.


The mother of all unleashed spirits of the year, Ghost GaGa. Michael Jackson's movie director, Mr. Ortega might consider her in their "Thriller" music video.

Ghost GaGa, we admire you for your talent, mesmerise by your voice, and salute you for your courageness. All hail, Ghost GaGa!