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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bei Jing Kau Ya (Peking Duck) - Popular Food in China

Peking duck is lightly smoked and eating only the skin complemented by pancakes, sugar, and dipping sauce. This is a popular food in China and customers will be able to witness how the chef cut off the crispy duck skin before serving it.

The tastefully decorated restaurant might appear to be expensive, but this is not the case. They offer standard price for the Peking Duck. Half duck is at 99 yuan and for the entire duck it gonna cost around 200 yuan.

The crispy looking duck skin slices melt perfectly in the mouth and you will never stop asking for more.

Freshly-baked-from-the-oven pancakes are made to suit the delightful taste of the duck skin.

Mouth-watering duck meat complements with bud-tantalising crispy skin. You might wanna slow down on the meat because it's rather oily. You were warned.

An erhu player is performing to create a peaceful environment

Sorry for the low video quality. I have shaky hands. Prolly  I was too hungry by just looking at the skin. LOL.