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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Jackson Can Live Longer If.......

Michael Jackson is no stranger to the world for four decades since he started to belt out his songs with then Jackson 5. He is a darling in many people's hearts for his down-to-earth and modest personalities. Famous for his frenetic moves and infamous smooth moonwalk, Mr. Jacko never fails to impress his fans because he never settles for second best. When I was watching "This Is It", I can almost feel as if I was there to watch him live. His backdrop dancers watched him moves in admiration and awe just like the mesmerised audience in the cinema admiring his genius works. This is it. He is the one and only man and no one can ever replaced him.

Despite all the successful achievements in his career, MJ has a troubled life. Only if he didn't indulge in drugs, bad finance management, countless cosmetic surgeries, having a scumbag Joe Jackson, and knowing people trying to siphon money from this money machine! MJ would probably enjoying his 20 years of luxury life in his multi-million dollar ranch with his lovely kids. Ok let's calculate how he died at the age of 50 instead of 75. See the agreeable level in yodels below:

Level 1 (deduct 1 year) - Aow...
Level 3 (deduct 3 years) - Ahhh.....
Level 5 (deduct 5 years) - Hee hee...

Cosmetic surgery

MJ is rumoured to have undergone the knives for approximately 20 times. Deduct 5 for his terrible case of rhinoplasty which MJ has to resort to wearing prostate nose breathing through the two small nostrils. Gawd!!! Deduct another 3 for his skin pigmentation bleaching which caused him diagnosed with Vitiligo (skin cancer) that made him looked as pale as a dead/zombie. I reckon I will deduct another 1 year for brow-arching, minus 1 year on chin implant, and 3 years for his permanent makeup (permanent eyeliner). Oh yeah..not forgetting the lips implant too, deduct 1 year for that.

MJ is moonwalking nearer to his grave......

Drug abuse

His addiction to drugs become a nightmare soon after the Pepsi commercial accident which his head burst into flames. In order to relieve his second- and third-degree burns, MJ was prescribed with multiple painkillers and drugs and at the same time his obsession to plastic surgeries is uncontrollable. Deduct another 5 years to his life span.

He is now closer to his Thriller's friends......

Scumbag Joe Jackson

We never like you, Joe. This bulldog-look-alike father of Michael Jackson, apparently is to savour on Jackson's money and estates. Watch out, Joe. I will beat you up like a pancake if I am lucky enough to see you. Bulldog!!! You make Jackson's life miserable and now he has 3 years less for your "misdeeds".

At the edge of his grave.....falling soon

Accusation of child molestation

Here is just one of the cases of MJ's child molestation. Evan Chandler, father of this guy (pic) Jordan Chandler alleged MJ for molesting his child. Evan was sucks and even Jordan cause he didn't tell the truth but to fabricate Jackson involving in molestation. Michael will not want your small "appendage" when you're just a kid! Your father must be a retard! Both of you made Jackson's life 3 years shorter. Just bear in mind that MJ was not a pedophile.

Going into the grave soon......

This pretty sums up why MJ's life is short bearing all those stress and scrunity media coverage. He has been very miserable, lonely, and depressed despite his endless effort to bring happiness to people around him with LOVE. He will be missed by all of us and may he rest in peace.