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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Resignation Letter Should Sound Like This If You Hate Your Boss

Little do we know, our mind has already been permanently shut down from the daily routined task that it gets so fixated nothing is interesting anymore. We wake up to the manually-set rooster crows every morning like a zombie without having the thoughts of being apart with our beloved bed. We brush our teeth, wash our face, bathe, wear our uniform and off we go to work. So here is all the nightmares begin. We tried to make sure our job is done flawlessly but still complain, complain, complain. We hurdle through the e-mails to meet customer demands and requirements, and yet, still complain, complain, complain. We skip our lunch just to make a few conference calls with outbound customers, and still, all we received complain, complain, complain. And who dropped the bombshell? Our superior or boss or orang atas la. The voice within us is getting rebellious each day waiting for an attack order by us. But do you have the guts? How long can you cope stress? Is our boss like other bosses, a megalomaniac? Do they actually think that we are numbskulls at certain level? Then this picture illustrates well....
Now...I am not trying to rundown anyone here if your situation is somewhat identical to the scenario here. I noticed many workers these days have not gathered enough courage to tell their boss what they think and what they dislike. It is often all right to underperform at exceptional consequences but not all the time. Remember those days the Japanese has invented some gadget where it has the ability to translate what their pets trying to tell? I think in dog-eat-dog world today, we should have decorate that technology toys on employees. Oh, and a language decoder to the orang atas, please! Hope this will help them understand the feelings and thoughts of their orang bawah if they can read the decoder right.

If you could not withstand the mounting pleasure pressure, go back, take a long hot shower, better yet, do some aroma therapy, and get some face massage cause you gonna write a resignation letter to your to your bad-ass boss, big time perfectionist, and a complete control freak.

Source from cartoonstock.com

Here is how your resignation letter could sound like to your bad boss....

Dear Beloved Boss (Puke),

I resign now without 24 hours notice. Do not stop me and beg me to stay because you will be watching my back as I am walking out of the "cage" now.

Hope to see you again (NOT!).

p/s: You're fired!

Yours sincerely,
A-minute-ago employee/slave/dog/cow

*No offence intended to whom might be reading this. For amusement purposed only.*