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Friday, November 20, 2009

He's Always On My Mind - Used To Be

I don't know why I was writing this poem but yeah....I just did. By the way, i know it doesn't rhyme or whatsoever and I have to tell that I don't possess any flair in composing a poem. But I just wanna dedicate this to special someone who used to be part of my life.

Under the faint moonlight we sat,
Side by side, with his warm lips on mine,
Feeling the sinking of my heart,
For I was head over heel in love with him.
Various emotions fought against one another in my mind,
Happy, lucky, excited and blessed by love,
Considering myself irrevocably bound to him,
Thinking it was an until-death-do-us-part agreement.
I knew I love him every single day,
As he was the perfect one for me,
A sweet love story as the god might bestow,
Has been a thing of the past love episode.


DanielCtw said...

Good lor.. at times we get to vent out things. At times using poetry. You read mine ke.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Guess he does still appears on your mind?

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