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Monday, November 9, 2009

9-Day Glorious China Trip - Part 2

Resume from Part 1 - http://cynkim.blogspot.com/2009/11/9-day-glorious-china-trip-part-1.html

Day 3 (29th November 2008)

The weather is getting colder and colder as we are now already in Beijing. When the PA system in the train announced that we were almost near Beijing, everyone is so busy putting on their winter jacket and wrapped themselves in scarf. The temperature is at 5 degree Celcius. Can you imagine how people living in tropical climate 24/7 withstand that coldness? Brrr.....I can't. My thick fat didn't seem to come in handy in winter time!!!!

Busy, busy, busy. Vain, vain, vain. Gals, gals, gals

Then we were brought to our hotel and we were given our free-and-easy time. Brrrrr....it's so cold out there. Gawd! We took the liberty to patronize the leather shops (selling boots, jackets, scarves, long John, etc) and we managed to get ourselves some boots at only 90 yuan (RM45). So so cheap. I bet you cannot get that kinda price in Malaysia. Meanwhile, we chowed down on these popular food in China, mai ya thang or fruit in caramel. One stick is sold at 1 yuan (50cent) and for extra toppings it priced at 2 yuan (RM1).

I guess i had almost 10 sticks of this in just 5 days. So shveet!

It was only 5pm in Beijing when the sky turned dark and we can no longer see the sun. Most of the shops are closing at that time too. People were seen parading down the pedestrian path to rush back for dinner. And we too did the same.

Day 4 (30th November 2008)
As early as 5am, we were woken up to frustration because the hotel room phone will never stop ringing (wake up call). Little do I know, I was shivering and freezing the moment I stood up. Damn! The heater wasn't functioning!!! Cold, cold, cold. We (me and my roommate) quickly wrapped ourselves in the proper winter gears and hop immediately into the bus. Well...at least in the bus is not so cold.We wil be visiting Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) Square and The Forbidden City. All of us were so ecstatic and could wait to see the places.

This square at one time can accomodate 1 million people and this is one of the largest square in the world. Many pro-democracy protestors were killed by the government here.

Visitors are forbid from smoking, spitting, and even to have a drinking water etc. I figured the reason for this limitations is to keep the site clean. The building that stood strongly still since 1419 is the Qianmen (Front Gate) was the front gate of the ancient Beijing.

Next to the Tiananmen Square is the Zijin Cheng (The Forbidden City) where it housed many emporers namely
Ming and Qing Dynasty for centuries. This city is city for many cities including Inner City, Outer City and Imperial City. These cities are protected by thick high walls and all the gates ware guarded for security reason. Visitors were allowed only to walk and visit the certain parts of the inner city and most of the areas were closed and sealed.

The Outer City was served as a ceremonial place during the emporer's time. The distance from Outer City to Inner City is quite a distance.

Swarm of people thronging this historical place is not an uncommon sight everyday.

Still located in Outer Court, the throne was used by the emporer to discuss about the states affairs and some ceremonial events.

One of the walkway that links to the Inner City through a gate.

The crystal stone found in the middle of concubines terrace rooms is believed to hinder bad mishaps from happening. The energy of crystal will bring harmony and peace among concubines in the palace.

Next, was the Yu Hua Yuan (Imperial Garden) which served as a place for the emperor's family to relax, children to play, chess playing, meditating and sipping tea. In the garden located a souvenir shop selling food, refreshments, and gifts as remembrance.

The end point of The Forbidden City is the Yu Hua Yuan (Imperial Garden) with most trees and rocks aged 400 years old.

We spent a solid 2 hours walking from city to city, passing from a gate to another and finally we reached the end point. It was tiring long walking journey but the experience and knowledge are priceless. Then we were brought to have our lunch and of course, it's time to shop. Trust me when I said shopping in China is cheap and you would not believe with only 1000 yuan (RM500), you need to get another new luggage to 'store' your stuffs!

*Stay tuned for Part 3. China is really too big.*

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