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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Acting As Aunt Agony (AAAA)

It's back again, the Year End Sales (YES) that never fails to make shopaholics and yet broke (like me..lol) to start drooling over the RM700 RM210 Aldo sky-high heels, that discounted Guess sheer dress, and oh-so-lovely Salvatore Ferragamo satchel. But all the above items are too expensive for me to even afford them since I haven't officially start receiving income yet(report to work on Dec 1st). Sadly but true I can only afford a CLEO magazine which costs me only RM5.60 which also means it is only 1,2,3,4.......560cents. LOL. Btw, I am an avid reader of CLEO Magazine for the past 7 years.

CLEO December issue. Psst...if I were the cover girl, will you buy the magazine? LOL. I know you wouldn't.

Most of the time, there is always free sample attached to the magazine cover or can be found in the magazine. A way of marketing to penetrate the targeted market segment. Not a bad idea.

As a habit, each time I bought the mag I would quickly turn to "QA Life" page, the page where readers surface life problems to the columnist. I planned to be one someday but I don't think I am suitable at all. Haha.

One of the life problem raised by a reader sounds like this:

Q: I recently had a date that went very well but at the end of it we didn't make arrangements to meet again. I do want to see him again. When is the appropriate time for me to call him for a second date? Five days? A week? Ten days? 

A: I fear that if he wanted to see you again, he would've called by now or made arrangements on the night. You can subtle this one way or the other by phoning him - leave it a minimum of five days - and being very casual about it. Kind of, "enjoyed last night, fancy doing it again sometime?". That way, you're covered if he every says, well you didn't call me so why should I call you! But sadly this is one area where evolution has yet to catch up with women's emancipation. If a guy is interested, he makes sure you know it. See the book, or film, He's Just Not That Into You. It might help. 

The columnist is being such a nice woman who gives really good points and ideas. If I were to be Aunt Agony one day, I'd tell her:
- Perhaps it's high time for you to re-sculpture that cosmetic surgery might do the trick
- Do you have bad breath or a bad case of body odour (BO)?
- The guy might suffers from genital herpes and he's being too sweet to infect you with one. 
- Or you might as well tell him that "I Am Desperate For A Partner. Please be my man. I'll give you 100% satisfaction guarantee."
- Or the man might say "I was so freaked out. Your dad is actually watching over us with his binocular accompanied by a rifle when we were out together".
- You're just plain ugly. In about 5 minutes time, please check you mailbox and you will find a pistol.

Oh well....I don't think I can be a good Aunt Agony if I were to play that role. I might irk many people, trigger their anger, and the worst part, they might be commiting suicide after this!