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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Time Machine Real???

Just only the other day I went to watch The Time Traveler's Wife movie as per planned. I am not the mushy-mushy type of person or romantic but the sneak preview I saw got me interested. And I know you would assume that I am so gay of thinking Rachael McAdam is sizzling hot that my heart melts like hot butter melting in a hot pan! Okay...that's not true. I am just admiring her perfect well-sculptured face. 

Okay....let's not deviate from the main topic. My question is very simple. Do you believe when I say time machine might exist in the future? How could that be possible? How does it happen? Did anyone visit from the future? To tell you the truth, I don't know. Curious to find out about the existence, I built a time machine already! It is parking in my garage now waiting for command to transport me to the future. Hahaha. Just kidding. Little do I know, I have already made some researches on time machine and whether it will be possible in the future? Better yet, someone named John Titor, previously known as Timetravel_0 a self-claimed time traveller way-ahead year 2036. I believe many of you might have heard or even talked about him before when the groundbreaking news started to surface on the media, and becomes an instant hit in the internet. I will give you a little rundown on this little character.

Titor did sent a few of his machine pictures to the net to share with people in worldline 2000 and 2001 at that point of time. Along his 4 months time here out from his wordline, he has made contact with most individuals online and answering questions in the forum and mIRC. During his online interviews, he may have intentionally drop a few clues on what will happen to the world in the future. When asked why he was sent back by the US military to our worldline, he mentioned the 5100 computer. It was the first computer built by IBM  back in year 1975 and his grandfather was one of the programmers in the particular team. IBM 5100 computer is believed to be able to translate or identify the unknown code in worldline 2036 to fix the broken computer system. 

 IBM 5100, first invented portable computer

Here is a handy of the revelations/ "prophecies":
- The mad cow disease or Creutzfedlt-Jakob disease will kill many people which it is true. 
- The Gulf War initiated by Russia or better known as Nuclear War, N-War will annihilate a large percentage of people on Earth to about 3 billion lives. It boils down to two reasons, desperation of the Western leadership and faulty politics which turns ugly. 

- American Civil War will occur in year 2005 which it didn't happen
- Year 2012 is not going to be D-Day as seen in the Mayan Calender but something extraordinary will happen. 
- China will emerge as one of the strongest country in the world.

The interior of the time machine. Titor travelled to our wordline with this machine. 

What's in his wordline 2036?
- World temperature is a bit colder but only a small percentage of icebergs are melting.
- People live in a small dispersed community and only feed on their self-grown vegetables and animals.
- There is no cure for AIDS but cancer, there is still in progress.
- The main transportation is bicycle and bicycle's tires are of great magnitude at his time.
- Learn to use weapon as well as the knowledge of cleaning a gun.
- There is no international banks like now but banks are operating according to the niches.
- Typewriter is an essential tool.
- They have 5 presidents who is voted in and out and the States consists of 5 states. The capital state is Nebraska.
- - Fashion is not important to them as males and females will shave their heads to serve the military service. Sweater and pants are usual in his wordline.

Titor's military logo

To have a better knowledge on John Titor, you can go this URL, www.johntitor.com

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