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Friday, January 22, 2010

Life: I Am Second Class Upper? Damn....If Only That Were First Class Honour.

What can I say? Yooo hooooo.....I will be graduating soon. My convocation will be held on the end of March and I am inviting everyone to come. Please RSVP before end of February so that I can arrange YOUR transport to ferry you to MY university without YOU forking out a single money. Spacious, environmental friendly, cosy, sleek, not-so big, and comfortable are the keywords perfectly used to describe the car. Your idea of free transport will be .....TADA......

So, have you decided? LOL.......Okay...i know this is darn lame. Turn your face around and say "Ssssweat".

I think Motorola has to replace the optical mouse that I am currently using because it seems to not functioning correctly. I scroll upwards, it went downwards and vice versa happens when I clicked on the left side of the mouse. I absolutely have no idea what had I done to it for the past 6 weeks playing with it. Oh...I know! It's me. My heart in me keeps telling me to check the student list who is eligible to graduate today! After 9891829182010280820812810281092810 times clicking on the refresh button, finally it is updated. Phew!!!!! This "outrageous" act results in the Doomsday for the mouse. Sorry, mate. I will bury you on Monday when I am back in office. But for this present moment, please sleep soundly in the drawer ya. LOL.

See.....I am stupid , right? I only managed to secure a Second Upper degree even though I am just 0.07 point away from First Class. If only I had worked harder and play less. No no no.....it must be the wild monkeys from the forest that distract my attentions. Wait and see. I will shave you bald when I am back for my convocation. 

You must be surprised to see the small number of graduates from my course, aye? Well....to explain further, we are not genius but ultra genius because we are graduating 6 months earlier than the rest of the comrades (kidding). LOL. No offence but the true reason is we carried forward our credit hours and equally allocate the time to every semester. Hence, the early graduation. 

Hahahaha. Hey, whatcha waiting for? Faster congratulate me la. I have suffered for three years studying nonsense and playing with the forest wildlife and you still didn't want to congratulate me meh? And where is my flowers? 

*wink, wink*

P/S: I'd like to extent my sincere "Congratulations" to Leong Pei Yee and Arul Jothi for making their way to the top of the list or better yet, the whole course. Muacks, gals! We are really proud of you. Since we're the pioneer in this course, you had made it!!! Congrats, again gals.


Anonymous said...

u get first class i gv u flower! =)
congrats anyway~

Cynthia Kim said...

If I ever get First Class, Barrack Obama will be visiting your house. LOL

DeeRa_AnAsTasiA said...

any way...congrats cyntia...heheh....so...we can't see each other after u graduate lol..

good luck k...if we assign any reunion...plz la attend k..thnks you...hope to see u again..

Anonymous said...

hey, congrats to you too gal!& thanks for yr lovely wishes..was laughing reading ur post!hahaha..anyways, we went thru lotsa THICK n THIN togetha uh..especially assignment days..gosh!keep in touch & frenz foreva dear~

~ms.arul jothi

bsbfan said...

Lol.....Arul and Nirmala, of course we will keep in touch and stay friends forever no matter what! Hahaha.

Arul, i think the most vivid memory we have is Encik Azhar!!! Lol...remember we kept on complaining and critisizing for his naggings and also his sleepy and yet boring speech. LOL. I am now imagining his face. LOL LOL LOL

KwOnG FeI said...

hey not bad ma.. secodn class upper

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